Turning news into action

Newspark is an online donation platform that bridges the gap between the stories we see online and the causes we care about. Don’t just read the news, engage with it.

About Us


Our Mission

Global pandemics, natural disasters, systemic injustice. These are the issues that dominate our news feeds. We want to help, but reposting, retweeting, and sharing can only go so far. We’re here to help close the gap between awareness and action by connecting readers directly with initiatives that are fighting for the causes they read about — in real time.

Our Products

Our platform serves both publishers and charities by allowing news readers to donate.

For Publishers

Install our plug-in on your site to feature charities relevant to your content.

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For Charities

Fundraise directly on our partner publishers’ websites to reach new donors.

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For Readers

Take the guesswork out of donating, simply visit your favorite news sites.

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We created a newsletter to help you keep track of socially relevant stories


In this newsletter, the Newspark team will feature three socially relevant stories each week that we learn about from the news and from our partnering charities. Each of these of these stories will be accompanied by charities that are relevant to the issue and donation links. Plus, we'll keep you posted on the latest Newspark news. You won't want to miss it, so subscribe now!

Meet The Team

Our team has a collective passion for social impact and the technical chops to back it up. We’ve all been involved in nonprofits for years, from volunteering and mentoring young kids, to serving on the board of advisors of an education charity.


Alex Rubin

Co-Founder & Engineer

Math & CS, Duke '20
Former Trading Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley


Karthik Rao

Co-Founder & Engineer

CS & Statistics, Harvard '21
Former Machine Learning Engineer at IBM


Maciej Holubiec

Co-Founder & Operations

Statistics, Harvard '20
Former Consultant at Bain & Company